Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Justin's New Home

Justin had an open house/21st birthday party for Jenn. Justin was an amazing chef with his new grill in his new house. How lucky is this kid. Whatever happened to ruffing it when you start out? Oh ya the $8,000.00 first time home owners plan. Where was that when we started out?

Ashley, Nate and Grammy just waiting for their burger.

The kitchen, in case you couldn't tell.

Justin and Jenn during the painting processs. I swear it took us two weeks to paint this house.

Justin's slummin bedroom. We did get him the furniture before he moved out a few years ago.

Justin's living room. He did most of the painting and improvements himself. Okay that's a lie, he had a lot of help from his family.

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  1. Looks like a great house! You all did a great job painting, I love the colors! $8,000.00 home buyer bonus would have paid for 1/6 of our first house! That would have been great!