Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Justin's New Home

Justin had an open house/21st birthday party for Jenn. Justin was an amazing chef with his new grill in his new house. How lucky is this kid. Whatever happened to ruffing it when you start out? Oh ya the $8,000.00 first time home owners plan. Where was that when we started out?

Ashley, Nate and Grammy just waiting for their burger.

The kitchen, in case you couldn't tell.

Justin and Jenn during the painting processs. I swear it took us two weeks to paint this house.

Justin's slummin bedroom. We did get him the furniture before he moved out a few years ago.

Justin's living room. He did most of the painting and improvements himself. Okay that's a lie, he had a lot of help from his family.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kelsey's Graduation and Misc Stuff

It's the time that most parents either can't wait for or they fear. Mine was the latter. It marks an undeniable change in our lives. Our baby has graduated from High School. She isn't moving out or, thankfully, even threatening it. Bryon and I are happy to let her live at home until she is 30 if she chooses to. That may change.
Kelsey is planning to attend GCC next year and work toward getting her nursing degree. We are in negotiations on where she'll go to get her B.S. degree. We are encouraging her to go to Idaho, like Ashley. We think it would be a great adventure of independence for her. She thinks she'll freeze to death.

This is our sassy little adult. I hope she never looses her wonderfully magnetic personality that draws us all to her. She is a constant bright spot in our family. That's not to say that she hasn't created her fair share of challenges, oh she has. I know that she'll use these opportunities to learn and grow and become an amazing woman because of them.

The ever spoiled Kelsey, baby of the family, received a new laptop, for college along with some sweet sunglasses from her brother. She started her day with a delivery of beautiful flowers from Ashley. I think this day was really difficult for Ash. She wanted to be there for Kelsey, in the worst way. It stinks when all of your kids can't be together at times of celebration. Our family has always been together so it's a big adjustment for us all.

She's such a spoiled princess.

But a really cute one.
This was taken before prom this year. We had all of these kids over for dinner in the back yard. It saved them time and money. I hope they enjoyed it and it will be part of a great memory. It was fun seeing so many kids that we've watched grow up over the years. They're not babies anymore!

Kelsey is of course the most beautiful one in the bunch. I feel bad saying that but, hey, look at her.

The wind wouldn't stop blowing, of course. It didn't stop them from eating most of the food. They had Olive Garden do the food. It's always a hit.

This is another one of those bittersweet times. This is the first birthday that Justin and Ashley weren't together to celebrate. They turned 21 on February 1st. This was really hard for me. Okay, one big collective aww, for me.

My oldest niece, Jessica, her husband KJ and they're baby Holi, came to AZ for a brief visit. It was great to see them again. They are a beautiful new family and Jessica and I both have a common appreciation for the advances in fertility treatments. I hope that they are blessed with a bonus baby like we were.

Kelsey with her cousins, Kaitlin and Holi.

Bryon and I did a day trip to Jerome. We used to do little day trips before we had kids all of the time. We are trying to remember all of the things that we did before kids no that we have so much more time to spend together. YIKES
Jerome is a little ghost town with some historic buildings and fun artsy things to do. This is the old bank. You can pitch coins through the bars into old pots. They are actually out houses but I was afraid to gross anyone out. They're just the shell of the out houses but you get the visual.
I probably pitched a roll of quarters hoping it would bring us good luck. I am still waiting to see the results.

This is the old Connor Hotel. Jerome was a copper mining town and The Conner was the posh place to stay while visiting. Or another version would be that it was named after my friends son Connor because he's such an amazing kid. We won't tell him about the saloon on the bottom floor. It still packs them in.

The real draw to Jerome for our family has always been the Copper Country Fudge. It's homemade with the good stuff. It is seriously the best fudge in the world. Hands down.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yoder Family Pictures

The funniest thing about this picture besides my weird expression, is the fact that Nate has realized he's laying in fresh bird poo. This was a memorable family moment. Poor Nate, welcome to the family.

Aside from loving this picture of my kids, I love the rooster in the background. Perfect timing Nick.

We recently had Ashley and Nate here for a visit, so we had some family pictures taken. I am so happy with them. They had a weeks break between semesters. They are doing the trimester fast track. Ashley hates it. They both are taking Chemistry and are convinced the teacher thinks it's the only class on their schedule, they hate it too. I think they will both be so happy when this is behind them. They are planning to move back here for their Masters degree. She's not too fond of the cold weather in Idaho either.
We were able to enjoy Easter together and to celebrate Bryon's birthday, albeit a week early. We had a great time together as a family and these are the times that I will cling to as the kids get older and do their own things.
Justin has some big changes coming up in the next couple of weeks. He's buying his first house. It's not far from us, maybe 7 miles. I'm sure he'll be home often to eat and raid our pantry. I'll miss him being here on a daily basis but I know he is soooo excited to be taking this huge leap. He's done it all on his own too. I am very proud of him.
Kelsey will be graduating from Ironwood on May 21st. She'll turn 18 on June 14th. I can't believe my baby will be grown up, at least legally. She still does some really goofy things at times. Kels will be staying home for the next two years and going to GCC. The house won't be completely empty. She is a social creature though and is gone a lot. She is hoping to be able to be one the dance team there. As you can tell by her senior pictures, she's incredibly limber and talented. Oh ya, she just got her first job hostessing at Abuelo's. She's so excited to make her own money. Maybe now she'll appreciate all the money we give her!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kelsey's Senior Pictures

I Love this picture of Kelsey. She has the most infectious smile.
I love the creativity of this picture. She must have had a great time taking these pictures and she's not camera shy.
Holy cow, are her eyes blue.

This captures her personality perfectly. This is one of my favorites.
So is this one. HA
So is this one.
I can't believe how perfect this jump is and I can't believe that Nick caught it at the perfect moment.

You can hardly tell it at this size but it's raining confetti on her. I love this kid and I can't believe that she's graduating. It's the end of the football games and dance recitals. So sad.